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Job Responsibilities

The instructor is responsible for delivering the curriculum of the Sail Canada Basic Cruising syllabus to the fullest of its standard (Ashore Knowledge and Afloat Skills) so that students have the greatest chance for successful completion of the certification by program end.

The instructor will provide a safe, positive and fun learning environment for the students. The instructor will be a knowledgeable ambassador for Humber Bay Sailing Centre and the sport of sailing. The instructor shall exercise good judgement in challenging situations, both on and off the water. The instructor will record and report all accidents and boat damage on a timely basis.

The instructor is required to operate within the requirements of the Transport Canada Recreational Boating School standard. This includes: ensuring pre-departure checks are completed, float plans are filed, student waivers are submitted and emergency procedures are followed.

The instructor is further responsible for administering and marking the Ashore Knowledge (and Pleasure Craft Operators Card where applicable) written exams as per Sail Canada policy. The instructor is required to review the correct exam answers with the students so that they understand where their exams were correct and where improvement is needed.

During the Afloat Skills portion of the course the instructor will maintain a record of each student’s progress by completing a Sail Canada Basic Afloat Skills Evaluation at the end of each lesson. This evaluation is to be reviewed with the student both during and at the conclusion of the course.

At the end of each course the instructor will present and sign Sail Canada logbooks and collect Checklick input forms from each successful student.

Background and Experience

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